What is Web RTC and how does it work?

What is Web RTC and how does it work?

WebRTC: The new way to serve your clients 

WebRTC technology is the present and the future of communications. It allows you to establish direct and real-time communication channels between clients and companies completely free of charge with audio and video support using just a web browser.

WebRTC: The Contact Center without any telephones

For companies that offer customer service to their clients via their Contact Center, the WebRTC technology represents a true revolution since it allows full mobility for the agents. With just a computer or smartphone connected to the internet, they can answer calls from anywhere.

Fidelity: The ideal Contact Center for teleworking On Premise or Cloud Hosted

Fidelity Connect incorporates WebRTC as a new communication channel to facilitate client-agent interactions and promote full mobility. With Fidelity Connect WebRTC your clients will be able to contact you by call or video call from your own website without the need to install plug-ins or use external applications.

Fidelity Connect is by far the most advanced SMART Contact Center with the best value for money offer on the market. In addition to offering live communication via the WebRTC, it allows you to talk to your clients through social media networks chat and video calls.

Advantages for companies incorporating WebRTC into their Fidelity solution

  • Drastically reduces installation and infrastructure costs
  • Allows mobility without locking your agent to a device or an office
  • The client is aware if there are available agents
  • Face to face meetings bring warmth to the conversation
  • Streamlines the communication channels
  • Allows you to receive calls from anywhere in the world
  • No need to connect via complicated VPN applications
  • Open a new communication path: video calling with a click of a button


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