IVR for the Contact Center

IVR for the Contact Center

IVR for Customer Attention

IVR technology is the main aid of any company and a cornerstone for the latest customer service exigence. It allows the customer to interact with companies through simple voice commands or DTMF characters, and the company to identify, segment, and route callers to trigger an automatic response or transfer the call to the right agent.

Discover O’Voice: seamless call flow control


O’Voice is a complete range of advanced call flow tools designed by Jusan to automate processes without human intervention and offer seamless inbound call management by creating interactive voice response applications with the use of Voice Recognition and Text to Speech technologies.

Everything you can do with an O’Voice IVR


– Set up greetings, prompts, and personalized messages to be played when customers call in and enhance your company’s image.

– Collect information about callers so you know the reason for the call and minimize the chance of them being transferred to the wrong department.

– Automate customer service so that your clients customers can resolve their queries without having to speak to an agent.

– Independently design, modify and implement your IVR applications with absolutely no programming skills required.

– Manage more calls with fewer agents.

Besides, with the full O’Voice feature set, you can conduct end-of-call surveys to measure customer satisfaction and automate outbound calls to a list of contacts and play recorded messages.

Benefits of O’Voice IVR


– Reduce average call time
– Save on operational costs
– Increase customer satisfaction
– Increase agent’s efficiency
– 24/7 customer service

At Jusan we want to help you during the year 2021 to manage all your calls professionally so that you can offer your clients the service they deserve, with minimum efforts!

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