IVR for Social Networks

IVR for Social Networks

IVR for Social Networks

The rise of social networks has meant that channels such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter have become ideal media for offering personalized customer service. This new customer service through social networks is much faster, more direct, and concise than other channels such as telephone or email.

That’s why a social media interactive response system is the best way to redirect your customers to the desired department and speed up your customer service.

How WeTeam’s Social Media IVR Works


With WeTeam’s Social Media IVR, it is now possible to offer the customer a pre-conversation message with different options to access the desired department or specify their query without the need for agent intervention.

Everything you can do with IVR for Social Networks


– Set up welcome messages, alerts, and personalized answers to display when receiving a chat via social networks.

– Collect information about customers to understand the reason for their inquiry and minimize the chance of transferring them to the wrong department.

– Automate customer service so they can resolve their queries and get the answers they need without having to speak to an agent.

– Deliver richer experiences through advanced self-service features.

Benefits of Social Media IVR


– Increase customer satisfaction

– Increase first contact resolution

– Multiply team productivity

– Reduce operational costs

– Enable 24/7 customer service


Are you harnessing the full potential of social media? If you are looking for the most effective way to communicate with your customers, WeTeam is for you.

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