WeTeam: Social Inbox Platform

WeTeam: Social Inbox Platform

WeTeam: The Social Inbox platform that streamlines communication with your customers.

Nexogy, our partner specializing in intuitive and innovative business communication, based in Miami, has designed this video about WeTeam under its brand name “Nexogy Omnichannel Contact Center” to promote the solution in the United States. This movie clip shows the differences between an omnichannel Contact Center and a traditional Contact Center.

Discover WeTeam, the omnichannel communication platform that unifies all messaging channels in a single interface.

WeTeam facilitates communication between companies and customers, speeds up the resolution of queries, and enables excellent customer service to be provided at any time and from anywhere.

Everything in a single view

Offer your customers a multi-channel, personalized, close, real-time, and efficient service thanks to the unified management of WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Chat, SMS, and Video Call messages.

The power of teamwork

WeTeam favors agents’ mobility along with teamwork and teleworking.

Data analysis

Track your customer satisfaction and agents’ activity with WeTeam’s wide range of reports.

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