Jusan & Salesforce CRM

Jusan & Salesforce CRM

Jusan & Salesforce: A win-win integration to get the most out of your CRM.

Technology in the customer relationship management sector is continually evolving. As a result, it is becoming increasingly important in the market, and companies need tools to obtain a global vision of their customers and improve their customer service.

From all this, the need to integrate with Salesforce, a top-rated CRM Cloud platform in the business ecosystem, becomes vital.

Jusan Contact Center solutions are integrated with Salesforce to provide added value to its users by allowing them to:


– Visualise and identify the caller via a customer tab that opens as a pop-up, regardless of whether they are an account, contact, or candidate in Salesforce.

– Automatically create a contact or lead when the call is received.

– Make a call to the CRM contact that appears on the screen with a simple click.

– Send call information to the appropriate contact, account, or prospect after the call has been completed.

– Record, listen to, and categorize customer conversations for valuable information and regulatory compliance.

– Handle and distribute a large number of calls and chat messages, minimize missed contacts, and optimize costs and internal resources to increase the quality of service.


Jusan aims to facilitate business communications through innovation by making the latest technologies available to its clients to respond to their new needs.

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