Emails in the Contact Center

Emails in the Contact Center

Optimize the email interactions you receive in your Contact Center.

Fidelity and Weteam omnichannel solutions now feature a new email management module so that you can attend to your customers in a fully integrated way with the rest of your contact channels.

Email is still one of the first options in customers’ minds when they require commercial attention to receive documentation, booking confirmations, invoices, contracts, and confidential information. The new version of Jusan’s e-mail module provides your team with the right tool to receive, answer and analyze incoming e-mails from a single platform.

With the new update, you will be able to simplify and organize the management of your e-mails so that no request remains unanswered.

The new email module is much more than just an email inbox! Discover all its advantages.

– Fully integrated email interactions in the agent interface like all other channels.
– Intelligent email routing based on keywords, source, recipient, skills, and database queries.
– Traceability of e-mail: total number of e-mails, rate of attended, lost, who has attended etc.
– Reports and statistics on email processing and agent performance.

Manage the interaction with your customers via email from beginning to end!

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