Telegram in the Contact Center

Telegram in the Contact Center

Telegram for companies – the new messaging channel is taking over customer service.

Jusan Omnichannel Contact Center solutions incorporate the social network Telegram as a new customer service channel.

Telegram is much more than an instant messaging application. With Telegram for companies, you can create a constant flow of communication with your public, quickly attend to your clients, generate discussion communities and create channels, to instantly send information and promotions about your services. Telegram has become a powerful internal and external communication tool for businesses for all these reasons.

What can you do with the integration of Telegram in the Contact Center?


– Send and receive messages in direct chats via Telegram.
– Manage Telegram channels to disseminate messages with information of interest to an unlimited number of people.
– Manage incoming and outgoing messages in a Telegram group.
– Set up chatbots to provide 24/7 customer service and automatically promote products, services, and content.

What are the advantages of connecting with your clients by Telegram from Jusan WeTeam and Fidelity’s Omnichannel Contact Center platforms?


– Intelligent distribution of messages according to keywords, origin, recipient, agent skills, and database queries.
– Traceability and control of Telegram messages with a wide range of reports and statistics.
– Unification with the rest of the Contact Centre channels to ensure that no interaction goes unanswered.


Your customers are already using it! Optimize the use of Telegram as a customer service channel thanks to WeTeam and Fidelity.

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